Season Grades: Brad Richards

I’ve taken awhile to come out with a season grades thing, and for good reason.  I gave it some time for my emotions to get back in check after that dramatic home finale that sent me to heaven.  I’m back now and ready to set the record straight.  Let’s kick it off with the Lady Byng nominee himself, Brad Richards!

B-Rad led the stars in points and assists this season and even came close to breaking Mike Modano’s franchise record for most points in a season(93). Instead, he tied his career best of 91, which isn’t too shabby.  The thing that kind of sucks, but alos kind of rocks, is that he played on a mediocre team and got all those points. 

The only real downer to Brad’s incredible was his plus-minus.  Ew.  It stunk.  He’s always had issues with that, but what are you supposed to do when your top center is also your most minus player?  I’d hoped that this would be the year he became a plus again, but I was wrong.  Then again, it’s just a goal to strive for next season, eh, Brad?

Now, people slammed B-Rad for his poor defensive play.  That’s not really fair because he’s not getting paid for good defense; he’s getting paid for good offense.  In Crawford’s system, forwards need to backcheck and all of our forwards didn’t really do that.

One thing I noticed about B-Rad this season, and is really kind of a silly thing to notice, was his little rebel streak.  Oh boy.  Remember his little tantrum in that red Wings game?  Whoa, B-Rad!  But nevertheless, he earned himself a Lady Byng nomination.

Grade: A.  For racking up the points and for his entertaining rebel impersonation.


One response to “Season Grades: Brad Richards

  1. It would be nice if he does get the award again. H e deserves it.

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