This Is It

For Mike Modano and Jere Lehtinen, tonight just might be it for them.  I’m hoping that it isn’t, as we all are, but the day we’ve been dreading for awhile might have finally arrived.

Face it: we all knew they’d have to retire someday, we just never really thought about when that day would come.  Those days of taking our guys for granted are long gone.  Tonight might be all we have left with them. 

It’s going to be gut-wrenching pain for me while watching the game tonight.  I just can’t bear the fact that this might be the end of an era.  It’s so sad.  I hate to say it , but Mo and Lehts are goners.  After such a great home finale on Thursday night, there’s no way they’ll play another year.  There’s just too much irony going on.

The fact that tonight’s game is Minnesota is a great story for the end of a career.  He’d leave the game of hockey in the best way possible: with a successful home finale and a final game back where it all started.  I’m selfish, you’re selfish, we’re all selfish; we want “one Mo year.” 

All I’m saying is that if this is really it, the game will have lost two fine, classy players in Mike Modano and Jere Lehtinen.

To Mo, Lehts, Turco, and the other Stars who might be playing their final game in a Stas uniform tonight, I give you all an exuberant, “Thank you.”

Thanks for the memories, guys.  I’ll never forget the good ol’ days.

Let’s party like it’s 1999.  Make it happen.

Go Stars! 


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