Mogretzkull is a No-Go.

People are shooting down the rumors of a group containing Modano, Gretzky and Hull buying the Stars left and right.  It’s not happening.  I’m not gonna lie, but I’m pretty disappointed.  Having that group (the one I’ve dubbed Mogretzkull) would have been oodles of fun.  Oh well.

Here’s what the man himself, Mike Modano had to say about the rumors:

I’ve talked with a lot of groups who are potential buyers and they all seem interested in having me  involved.  But I haven’t talked to Gretzky about it. I don’t know where that came from. That one’s bullshit.

Mo, your language is so colorful!  That rumor was just too good to be true, eh?

Speaking of great quotes, I have a good one from the Caps’ Matt Bradley, a guy who I swear is Washington’s equivalent of Stephane Robidas, but a forward.  Here’s what Brads had to say about the Caps clinching the President’s Trophy with San Jose’s loss last night:

Do we each get it for a day in the summer?

Oooh snarky!  Bradley is a studmuffin.

Anyway, try to enjoy your Monday, even though the dreadfulness of the Stars being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs is hanging over your heads…


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