Tonight: the Kings (or as I like to call them, the Queens) who own the Stars and we really have no chance of winning but you never know

Like I said, we really have no chance of winning.  The Kings own us the way the Red Wings used to.  They’re the team that we just can’t beat except for every once in a blue moon.  I know the Stars did come back against the Kings early in the season but that ended up being a shootout loss.  But so what?  It just reiterates my point that we can’t beat them.

However we do have a rather fortunate circumstance: Jonathan Quick will be out.  He had to go back to LA for his baby’s birth.  Ladies, a collective “Awwwwwww!”  I know, I know he’s the enemy, but I love babies. 🙂  

Another (somewhat) fortunate circumstance is the fact that we just lost and if the whole win-lose-win thing starts up again, we’re on the “win” cycle.  Of course, that might not happen and we’ll lose and sink even further into that blackhole of oblivion.  But I’d rather not think about that.

Come on guys, let’s do this!

Go Stars!


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