Shut Up, Crosby, No One Likes You

I’m sorry, I had to say that.  When someone proves a point, I say “Shut up.   No one likes you.”

Anyway, there’s mot much to say.  What else can I say other than, This team is done?  They’re finished.  The Stars are not making the playoffs and that is the sad reality.

And I hate Crosby even more than before if that’s even possible.

More later.  Because right now, I have nothing to say.

Guys, it could be much worse.  We could still have this-

I laughed at this and it sickened me.  Avery, why oh why do you do this to me?  I’m determined to hate you, but I just can’t completely hate you.  At least you’re doing this with another team…


2 responses to “Shut Up, Crosby, No One Likes You

  1. Hi.

    I just got a REALLY suspicious email from your address –

    Here’s what it says:



    How are you? I’m really sorry for not informing you about my trip to Dundee for a Seminar. It was something urgent and i didn’t even inform anyone about this traveling. I lost my wallet on my way to the hotel I lodged in after the Seminar yesterday. My phone,cards,diary, including my return ticket and other vital documents are all in the wallet. I have reported the case to the police but I’m really stranded here without money. I also have problem sending email with my gmail account on this internet if not i would have emailed you before now.

    Right now I’m at the hotel internet Poscafe sending you this email so that you could help me out with $1,600 or any amount you could afford just to pay for my hotel bills and to sort
    myself out with the hotel first. I will appreciate any amount you could afford and I will pay you back upon my arrival. I don’t even mind paying with interest.

    Kindly transfer the money to me directly via the western union money transfer. I will appreciate your kindness and fast response. You can use the name and the address for the transfer
    at any western union money transfer outlets or in any banks.

    Name : Stephanie . L
    Address: 101 Broughty Ferry Rd, Dundee, DD4 6JE, Scotland.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon

    Thank you



    I think someone has hacked your email or your website or something. You need to investigate this immediately.

    I did that survey of yours a while back, so I guess that’s where this thief found my email address.

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks Patrick…I had a feeling someone had hacked it, but that proved it. I’ve got it all taken care of now.

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