After 30 Years…

February 22, 2010 marks the 3oth anniversary of this little moment in hockey called the “Miracle on Ice.”  Consider it a holiday, because you see stuff like that once in a lifetime.  I wasn’t even born in 1980, so I didn’t get to see the miracle.  I wish I could have, but that’s what the movie, Miracle, is for: people like me who didn’t get to see the original.

Don’t ever forget it; you don’t see miracles every day.  This was a special day, a miraculous day.  I’ve always been one to root for the underdog, and the Mioracle on Ice is easily the biggest underdog story and upset in hockey, and maybe even all of sports history.

Think about it: you have these nobody college kids up against a nearly-flawless Soviet team that’s played together for years and years.  On paper, it’s a heavily lopsided matchup that ends in an inevitable Soviet win.

Yet somehow it didn’t.  There have been moments that have redefined history; the Miracle on Ice is one of them.  It was so much more than a game, a medal, and a miracle.  The timing of it couldn’t have been more perfect.  In the midst of the Cold War, the Americans pulling off a miracle was the tiniest of turning points in tough times.

And the rest is history…


-Al Michaels’ unforgettable call

"True champions win when the world says they can't."

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