Steve Ott=Monster

Disclaimer:  I only saw highlights from last night, so my thoughts on the game are probably  abit false.  I’m writing this compared to what I saw in the highlights.

What I saw last night was Steve Ott being the bad-ass monster that he is.  And I have to say that Otter won both fights, no question.  Clutterbuck’s a dirtball, and I was happy to finally get what was coming to him.  Better yet, it was Steve Ott who gave it to him.

I’ll admit that Clutterbuck’s hit on B-Rad was clean, but I think that Ott did the right thing in fighting him.  It gave the team energy and I saw tenacity that the entire team has been lacking this season.  I liked his quote about it as well:

“I was actually watching some stuff from the 60s and 70s today and they used to have bench-clearing brawls, so I don’t think it’s something that we should take out of our game. It was a situation where I’m right there and you just can’t hit Brad Richards like that. That can’t happen without some kind of response, so I responded.”

You gotta respect Otter for that, right?  He’s not the ass-hole everyone makes him out to be…at least when it comes to protecting his own team. 😛  He really does his job well, and that’s why I want to keep him around past this year.

So, yeah, I basically just preached about how awesome Otter is, but don’t him ’cause he’s a stud!  😀

Go Stars!


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