The Mike Modano Show

Last night’s game was probably one of the best they’ve played all season.  They didn’t look like a team desperately fighting for a playoff spot.  They looked like a team who was determined to get that playoff spot no mattter what.

Modano looked twenty years younger the way he played.  I’ve never seen a young Modano; I was too little when he was young.  BUT…I bet that’s what he looked like back in the day.   I really, really hope that’s not his final two-goal game or game-winning goal.  The way he played, he looked like a guy that’s coming back for another season.  That’s just my opinion…

And how about Jamie Benn?!?  He had an amazing game last night.  I love the Bennster.  If this Morrow-Benn-Ott line keeps it up, I’ll never call out Morrow again.  Seriously, I won’t.  Morrow was good last night, the best he’s been in ages.

Alex Auld looked like a number-one.  All through the game, whenever he made a great save, I just thought: “Turco wouldn’t have saved that.”  And it made me sad to think that.  Turco’s gone.  He’s lost his position to Auldy.

You know who else was awesome?  Mark “Fists” Fistric.  I’m loving this guy more and more every game.  He’s mean, physical, and fearless.  I love my Fishsticks.

My Three Stars of the Game:

1. Mike Modano

2. JB

3. Alex Auld

Next up: Tomorrow against Tipp’s Coyotes.

Go Stars!


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