Let’s Hab a Good Time!

Yeah, that’s a pun.   But I like puns, so whatevs.

Anyhoo, the Stars head into Montreal tonight to take on the Habs.  If you recall our last meeting with the Habs, it was the game when we really hit rock bottom.  I realized how badly the Star played when Guy Carbonneau was fired the next day.  So…let’s do the opposite of that.  Please, Stars?

I need something to be hopeful for after our most recent loss to Philadelphia.  We haven’t hit rock bottom…yet.  And hopefully we never do.  My perfect scenario would be to actually put together a streak lasting more than two games, make the playoffs and just show everyone that we could do it.

Tonight, Mike Ribeiro is out, which is a shame because I wanted to see is return to Montreal badly.  Oh well.

Nick Grossman is still out tonight, so if the trend continues, we surrender at least four goals.  That’s how Grossman-free games usually work out.

The game will also be Kostitsyn-free as both Andrei and Sergei are injured.

Canadien I Most Want On My Team: Andrei Markov.  Because he’s exactly the number-one defenseman we need.

Go Stars!


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