Are the Wings Like Last Year’s Stars?

It seems that way, but to a lesser extent.  I’m talking injury-wise rather than underacheiving-wise.  When the Wings played the Bolts, the other day, Ohlund plowed Henrik Zetterberg, and now Hank’s out for today’s game.

And that’s on top of the injuries to Jonathon Ericsson, Johan “Mule” Franzen, Valterri Filpulla, and others.


But the Wings STILL find a way to win.  I’ve always hated them for that.  And I expect them to do the same today.  For one thing, the Stars aren’t the greatest in afternoon games, and this is the Red Wings we’re talking about.

It’d be awesome if the Stars win, but I’m not really expecting them to.  You never know, but i’m not really expecting something like that out of these Stars.

And guess what?  We get to see a new Star!  Maxime Fortunus will make his debut today!  Yay new Star!  Best of luck to him.

Go Stars!

BAM! Happy good times. And Jiri Hudler! *GASP*


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