If You Lose in Atlanta and There’s No One There To See It, Does It Count As A Loss?

I tweeted this last night before the game as a joke.  Now, it’s reality.  The Stars lost again, and -you guessed it!- in the extra minutes.  I don’t know what I can say that will make anyone feel better.

I will say this, Ondrej Pavelec is amazing. He stole that game last night.  It could easily have ended 10-5, Stars.  He went all Nabokov on B-Rad,a and stoned Loui on a sure-thing shot.

Turco and Auld?  Ehhhhh…the opposite of good.

I really don’t feel like talking about it anymore…

Except!  For this:

B-Rad was awesome last night.  He made a good defenseman when he had to, but SOMEBODY (cough, cough, Turco!) blew it.  Ouch.

Next up: the Red Wings.  I’m not expecting anything great.

Go Stars!


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