Points in a Back-to-Back and Whoa, Niskers!

So basically the San Jose game was awesomely amazing while the LA game wasn’t.  I’m glad that they got points in both games, but this horrible-shootouts-excpet-against-the-Sharks thing is really getting old.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Sharks game because it was, in the end, an epic goalie battle as it usually is.  Best of all, Niskers got the shootout winner.  I KNOW, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER!  So kudos to Nisky. 😛

As for the LA game, they didn’t get slaughtered, and that made me feel better about the loss.  I fully expected, like, 10-0 Kings to be the final score.  Well, not exactly 10-0, but I figured it’d be a stinker.  Luckily it wasn’t. 🙂

However, we have to ALWAYS remember that this is a team in transition.  The results won’t come immediately, so we shouldn’t be too hard on the young guys.  Especially Nisky.  If I keep telling myself that, will that make it true?  I hope so, because I’m constantly bordering on frutration with the Stars.

So next time there’s a bad loss, let it go.  There’s always next year for a deep playoff run.

Go Stars!


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