Preview! Preview! Preview! *Sharks Style*

Tonight, we play the Sharks.  If you recall the last Stars-Sharks game, it ended with Stephane Robidas scoring the game-winner.  No, really I’m serious. 😉  But only after the Stars had an epic comeback in the span of two minutes in the third period.

Back to the present now.  The Stars aren’t doing so hot with two extra-minutes losses in a row and a lack of scoring.  I think that winning tonight’s game will be much harder to pull off than last time we beat the Sharks.  If they win of course.  And hopefully they will.  But I’m not counting on it.

This is a fine example of my personal slogan:  For an optimist, I’m pretty pessimistic.  Just sayin’…

Onto the fun stuff!

 My Favorite Stars-Sharks Moment:

One word: Epic.

Duh.  It’s probably your favorite, too.  But it’s one of the most flipping amazing moments in Stars history.

San Jose Shark I’d Most Like to Have on My Team: Patrick Marleau.  He might have had the captaincy stripped away, but he’s still a really good player.  Sure he’s a playoff choker, but maybe it’s just his team.  He’s a little bit soft (remember that Modano shot he “forgot” to block in the 2008 playoffs?), but he’s still super-talented.

Go Stars!


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