The Dallas Stars Fluke-Fest

That had to have been one of the flukiest games I’ve ever seen.  It was CRAZY.  It was CHAOTIC.  It was ANARCHY.

I loved it.

After that early goal by the Sucks, I was pretty worried that the Stars couldn’t come back.  And I stayed worried after  there was no scoring in the second.  However, the Stars came into the third looking to win.  And that made the difference.

They HAD to break Giguere’s groove, so they did.  They did so off the leg of James Wisniewski.  When that one went in, I was speechless.  When Otter’s went in a minute later, I was like, “Whoa!”  Then I laughed because Giguere pulled a Marc-Andre Fleury.

I love that Robi took out Mike Modano-wannabe, extraordinaire, Bobby Ryan.  And don’t forget that Robidas is leading all blueliners in the category of most hits.  Yeah, it IS good. 🙂

And how about that flipping amazing play Skrastins made?  I love him.

Next up is the Edmonton Oilers.  See you there.

As always, Go Stars!


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