It’s Been One Year Since “You-Know-Who” Said “You-Know-What”

Stars fans, this is a huge anniversary.  Today is the on-year anniversary of Sean Avery’s infamous “sloppy seconds” comment.  

Let’s all let out a collective, “HALLELUJAH HE’S GONE!”

Yeah, that felt good didn’t it?

So, I’m not going to bore you with some impertinent ranting since we all agree that Avery’s a douche.  I mean, you didn’t really want him around, did you?  I honestly tried to make myself feel good about the signing when it happened, but I just couldn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Today, feel free to take part in random clapping or fun dancing.  Just have fun!  It’s a joyful anniversary today.  Make the most of it.

Now let’s forget about Mr. Avery.  It’s all said and done, and he’s only a tiny scar in Stars history now.

And as always, Go Stars!


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