Hull of a Career

I love corny puns for titles like the one above.  And I especially love ones about Brett Hull.  I just think that’s awesome.  Anyway, no game review for the recent back-to-back.  I was all pumped about beating Vancouver and that creepy ginger kid goalie they’ve got.  Then they went and lost to Minnesota.  Freaking last-place-in-the-West Minnesota.  Depressing.

Anyway, it’s Hall of Fame Day.  Dallas’ own Brett Hull has been elected into the HOF.  Cool, right?  He’s the first Star to ever have the honor.  And probably not the last since Joe Nieuwendyk’s a shoo-in next year, Carbonneau will get it one of these years, and Mike Modano is freaking Mike Modano. 

But Hull’s special.  For us Stars fans, he’s a hero.  He won us our Stanley Cup.  And sure, it was controversial, but pssh! Do we care?  No.  What counts is that we took a risk on this superstar and it paid off.  They say we couldn’t have won without Nieuwendyk, but we might not have won it without Hull.  He was the missing piece that gave us a Cup.

Hull is third on the all-time goals list.  That’s only behind Gretzky and Howe.  What’s even more remarkable is the fact that Hull never really cared about the sport.  He was fun-loving and goofy, and didn’t really care about anything.  That’s why “Ambassador of Fun” is a fitting nickname for him as well.

And then there was the shot.  What.  A.  Bullet.  somehow he always managed to find the back of the net.  I’m not old enough to remember any of Hull very well, but I’ve watched countless Stars Cup videos.  Watching Hull, what I really noticed was his shot.  It really kind of freaked me out how good it was.  Hull was scary good.

With Hull going to the Hall, it’s a proud moment for us Stars fans.  One of our own is finally in the Hall. Don’t ever forget what Hull brought to the Stars in those three years he was here.  Don’t remember “that mistake”, remember the goal in triple OT of Game 6 back in ’99.  Because that’s what Brett Hull should be to Stars fans.

Hull, No Goal That Was 6-19-99

It counted. Now shut up and move on, people.


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