My New Word: “Pittsburgh-ed”

Last night’s unfair end made me think of one thing: the Pittsburgh Penguins.  You know why?

Because the Pens don’t get called for even half of the penalties they take, and they’re constantly awarded free power plays and breaks.  Remember during the Stanley Cup finals when the Pens had SEVEN guys on the ice for 25 seconds, and then the refs yelled at them to get some guys off?

Pittsburgh is Gary Bettman’s favorite, all because of his boy, Sid.  Canada is the same way, but not as extreme as Pittsburgh.

“Pittsburgh-ed”- When a team is cheated or wrongly called on a play, seemingly because the refs want the opposing team to win, a team has been Pittsburgh-ed.

ex. Pittsburgh, Canada, and that’s really all there is…

Game review up later.


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