11/4/09 Stars Earn Another Loser Point aka “We Got Pittsburgh-ed and I’m PO’ed”

The Stars deserved to win that game last night.  They played hard, and it was their best game this season.  I’ll admit that the Flames played well, too, but the Stars were just a bit better.  Shame it had to end with the Stars being Pittsburgh-ed, don’t you think?

What we watched last night was playoff hockey, right down to needing the extra minutes.  Both teams played with intensity, passion, and heart.  Dallas more so than Calgary most of the time.

In the first period, the Stars weren’t great, but they were steady.  What really irks me about those first 20 minutes is that they failed to do anything with the power play or that lengthy 5-on-3.  I was disappointed in that, but I was happy that they hadn’t blown the game or anything.

When Iginla scored in the second, I was angry at Niskanen or Daley, whichever bungled that play that led to the three-on-one.  You can’t let Jarome Iginla of all people have the puck with that much space.  I’m not going to dwell on Morrow’s missed penalty shot, because I don’t blame him for anything; he’s not a shootout specialist.  It’s fine that he didn’t score.  I didn’t really expect him to. 

The third period was great- except that last 1:25.  James Neal has a new nickname: Big Deal Neal, and there’s talk that he’ll be invited to play for Team Canada in the Olympics.  Loui’s goal was great, but B-Rad’s pass was slick.  I’m pretty sure he intended for that tip to happen.  With two minutes left, I thought the game was in the bag.  But then the Stars were scrambling in their own zone, couldn’t get it out, and just like that, the game was tied.

When OT came, I kind of gave up since it’s not exactly one of the team’s strengths.  Then, that stupid, stupid, STUPID call happened.  It was horrible.  I mean, there were two officials RIGHT THERE who easily saw that it wasn’t delay of game.  But we all know what happened there.

Great game, bad end.

I’m so angry at Calgary right now, that I’m secretly hoping that “He” and his team will beat the Flames on Saturday.  I sure hope you know who I’m talking about.

Next up is Friday against Vancouver.

Go Stars!


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