Pray For Steve Ott

Pray that he doesn’t get suspended tomorrow.  He has a teleconference with Colin Campbell tomorrow, and who knows how it’ll go?  Unfortunaltely conferences of any sort usually result in suspension.

Like I said earlier, we can’t afford to lose Otter.  Toronto’s full of thugs and we need an agitator.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t see how Ott won’t be suspended.  Remember how he was wrongfully suspended for that eye gouge on Travis Moen last year?  Yeah, that’s what we’re up against.  One word: Reputation.

I don’t see how this will end well…

For a laugh, head on over to St. Louis’ SB nation blog, St. Louis Game Time.  You shoudl find some game threads with Ott-haters and Stars-haters alike.  Post a comment to piss ’em off.  Let’s rally, Stars fans!


One response to “Pray For Steve Ott

  1. I hope he doesn’t get suspended either. His first suspension was questionable too.

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