Monday Morning Musings

I love using alliteration in the title 😛

Anyhoo, there’s just some things I wanted to point out leading up to tonight’s game.

For one thing, Perttu Lindgren was called up, and will make his debut tonight against LA.

Also, in non-Stars-related news, Vinny and Marty have been reunited!  You know, B-Rad’s BFF’s?  Well, I’m a Lightning fan, and I really like Vinny and Marty, so this makes me smile. 🙂

And how about Dave Tippett?  The Coyotes are leading the Pacific, and are seriously rocking everybody’s socks.  How ’bout Tippett, eh, Nieuwy? 

Speaking of the Pacific, did you know that only three points separate first from last?  The Pacific is going to be tough this year if everyone keeps it up.  I’m praying that Anaheim doesn’t.

Plus, the Maple Leafs suck.  I just wanted to point that out.  I feel sorry for my guys, Niklas Hagman and Luke Schenn, but as long as Jonas Gustavsson and Brian Burke are losing, I can’t complain.  Maybe Haggy and the Schennster can be traded to Washington for Michael Nylander?  Probably not, but that would make my day.

Bad news, though: B-Rad’s legs are sore, and he may miss tonight’s game; that’s why Lindgren was called up.  I don’t think that Brad will miss it though, because in Heika’s preview, B-Rad isn’t listed as an injury. Phew!

And I just wanted to say that I love how when I talk about players, I use their first name like I know them or something.  I’d like to say that I do, but I don’t.  Just one of my many quirks, I suppose. 😛

Here’s a prediction for tonight: Since Stars-Kings games, like, always go into the shootout, the Stars will finally win one because James Neal won’t hit the post and Ribs will do some awesome deke move that everyone freaks out about.

Go Stars!


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