Bruins-Stars Preview

I felt that tonight’s game is an  interesting one, so it deserves a preview.

Jere Lehtinen injured some weird muscle near the chest.  I can’t think of what it’s called right off the top of my head.  If you know what he injured, please tell me in comments, otherwise it’ll bug me all day.  😛

Anyway, the Stars called up Aaron Gagnon, who will make his debut tonight.  Since Dallas Stars have the awesomest debuts ever, let’s hope the trend continues, eh?  I would seriously die if he got, like, a hat trick like Bunny did one year ago yesterday.

Unfortunately, though, the Bruins are one of those teams who seem to know how to beat the Stars.  One thing to remember tonight, though, is that Steve Ott’s out, and Sean Avery’s gone.  That only leaves Barch and Morrow to take on Milan Lucic.  Or Stephane Robidas when he feels like concussing people. 😉

It should be a good game, and we might see some more progress from Marc Crawford’s system.   The Bruins aren’t exactly awesome at the moment, but they don’t come to town very often, so I’ll cherish this meeting.

Best of luck to Gagnon and the rest.  Go Stars!


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