10/14/09 Stars KILL Trashville aka “So Much Better Than Glee”

Sorry this is long overdue, but I just haven’t had the time.  So, first of all, I wanted to explain the second part of the title.  Every Wednesday night, my new favorite TV show, Glee comes on.  I had to decide whether or not to watch the game and skip Glee, or to watch Glee and skip the game.  It was an easy decision to watch the Stars play, but I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t watch my show.  After the first period was over, I knew I’d made the right choice. 🙂

Now, I don’t know why the Stars played so well.  I honestly expected the Preds to be tough customers like they always are, especially after that 6-1 loss to Edmonton their previous game.  Boy was I wrong!  

The Stars played incredibly AWESOME.  Especially my guy, Brad Richards.  Did you SEE that pass to Morrow on B-Mo’s second goal?  OMFG, that was slick!  I didn’t even see him pass it.  One second he had the puck, and the next it was on Morrow’s stick going into the net.  It’s times like those when I know why he’s my favorite.

How about that penalty kill, huh?  Hopefully this is the beginning of a huge, huge improvement.

Marty Turco owned the Preds, and his shutout will totally boost his confidence.

Overall, the game was an awesome, awesome, awesome effort by the Stars

Tonight they’re up against Boston.  Except tonight there’s no one to fight Milan Lucic. 😦  Darn.

Go Stars!


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