Philippe Boucher Retires

Yesterday, Bouche announced his retirement. This makes me incredibly sad, because I was pulling for the Stars to sign him, even though they have, like, a hundred defensemen.  I’m always game to take a former Star over a new guy.  That’s just how I am.

When I think of Boucher, I think of two particular things.  

First, is the 06-07 season.  It was by far, Boucher’s best season.  He scored a hat trick in November.  He made it to the All-Star Game in January.  Then, he had a franchise-record number of power-play goals by a defenseman.  That was a great year to be Philippe Boucher.

Unfortunately, my other rememberance (is that a word?) of Boo was the night that he broke his orbital bone after taking a puck in the face.  Whenever someone breaks their orbital bone (most recently Blair Betts in April), I think of Boucher.  I don’t know why that is, but the broken orbital bone is something I always associate with Boucher.

Sadly, he became more and more injury-prone over the years.  When we traded him for  Darryl Sydor in November, I think part of it was because of Bouche’s injury prone-ness.  It was something that we had to do. and at least it worked out for Boucher.

I’m going to miss Bouche like crazy, and hopefully he returns to hockey soon- as a coach, rather than a player.  He seems like he’d be a good coach, and I’d rather have him than this Charlie Huddy person we’ve got.

I’ll miss you, 43.


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