It’s Been a Slow Week

Not much has happened in the NHL unless you count 20 Cent’s trial and the US Olympic camp.  Also, Jose Theodore’s two month-old son passed away.  That causes me immense grief even though I’ve always been a big critic of his.  It’s so tragic.  I’d rather not think about it.

In the world of sports, the NFL’s version of Mats Sundin Brett Favre came out of retirement, after he said he was going to stay retired, to sign with the Vikings.  Personally, I don’t really like football, but I’ve been watching a lot of ESPNEWS lately to get over my hockey withdrawal.

The Texas Rangers have been doing pretty darn well this season.  Hopefully they make the playoffs, and Hicks can sell them and focus solely on the Stars.

Highlight of my week: Usain Bolt broke his own world records at this week’s World Track and Field Championships.  That man is just amazing.  He should not be able to do that, yet he can.  I don’t care that Bolt’s Jamaican, I rooted for him over my fellow Americans.  I love Bolt; he’s a total stud.  And I love his orange shoes.

Bolt and Berlino, the mascot

Bolt and Berlino, the mascot

Also, tomorrow, Brenden Morrow and Stephane Robidas attend Team Canada training camp tomorrow.  And I’m still waiting for the Dany heatly saga to finish.  And the soap opera going on in Phoenix.

Anyhoo, 39 more days til October 1!


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