THN: The Stars Will Finish 7th

THN has been doing their pre-season power rankings, and today, they ranked the Stars seventh in the West.  And all I have to say about that is that predictions are stupid.  Fun, but incredibly stupid.  I mean, they ranked the Sabres seventh in the East.  That probably won’t happen because the Sabres, as much as I love them, are always doomed by injuries.  THN was probably just going for an ironic effect (see: 1999 Cup-winning goal).

Besides, this might benefit the Stars to be underdogs going into the season.  They seem to perform better when there’s no pressure to win the Cup, like last season.  I love it when all the Stars fans see them playing great, and then the media goes all, “Cinderella Story” on us.  I mean, they’re just seeing what we knew all along: the Stars rock.

50 more days until Stars hockey starts.


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