Patrick Kane Did Something Stupid…And Suddenly, August Isn’t As Dull

By now, you’ve probably heard about Mike Modano-wannabe,  Patrick Kane assaulting that taxi driver in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Why did Pat  and his cousin beat the poor man up?

Because the cabbie didn’t have 20 cents of change.

And just like that, Patrick Kane has given the world a leading candidate for Silliest Sports Crime of the year.  You’d think that EA’s new cover boy would have a little more common sense than he showed that morning.

I hope for the sake of this sport that the Kanes were drunk and not just stupid like a certain hockey player we know (see: Avery, Sean).  Hockey has lately only had publicity from things like sloppy seconds and divas wanting out of Ottawa.  In sports like basketball (which I despise) and football, those sorts of controversies are to be expected.  But hockey is different to me.  The players are more respectful and somewhat more intelligent than other athletes.

Well, now, Patrick Kane doesn’t have any of that going for him.  It wasn’t smart to attack a driver over 20 cents.  Not when you’re a superstar who makes big bucks and 20 cents is nothing. 

Now, his career could be in jeapordy (did I spell that right??) now.  The Hawks will have to let Kane, Jonathan Toews, or Duncan Keith go next year, and this taxi altercation might help management in their decision.  I’m not really planning on seeing Patrick Kane with Chicago after this year.

Then, think about the present: US Olympic orientation camp is in a week, fittingly the same day that Kane is expected in court.  He’ll probably still make the team, but there’s always a chance that he won’t.  How inconvenient.

When the league gets ahold of this, it could result in a nice little suspension for Kane.  If it’s a 10-game suspension, then the Stars might actually have a chance of winning the game against Chicago on October 17.  Unless that stupid curse comes out again and Brenden Morrow gets broken again.  But hopefully that won’t happen.  I hope.




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