My Tribute to JR

I love Jeremy Roenick.  I don’t care that he occupied the same division as the Stars for a lot of his career.  I still like the guy.  You could always count on JR to do the unpredictable, and that’s why I like him so much; he kept things fresh.

Something else I loved was how much he loved to play hockey.  He always talkled about how to make hockey more popular, and he even called out Gary Bettman at times.  Few players other than Roenick have brought that to the league.

Most Stars fans will best remember Jeremy Roenick for having his teeth knocked out by Derian Hatcher:

I love that moment, but I still like Roenick.  It’s just another example of his big mouth getting him into trouble.

And that’s what JR will be most remembered for: his mouth and his heart.


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