Life Without Sergei Zubov

As everyone knows, the chances of Zubie returning to the Stars are getting slimmer and slimmer.  There are several teams in talks with him such as the Rangers, Blues, and Blue Jackets.  The outlook isn’t positive for the Stars.

It just doesn’t look like we’ll get him back.  GM Joe will talk to him until the very end, but I just can’t see it happening that we’ll get Zubie back.  This completely devastates me. 

You just can’t replace Sergei Zubov.  And that’s the biggest problem for us.  No one has the vision that Zubie does or the patience and skill.  I’d love to say that Ivan Vishnevskiy is the next Sergei Zubov, but that’s not really fair to Zubie.  Zubie is special, one of a kind, and irreplaceable.

We all knew the day would come that we’d lose the best Stars defenseman ever, and that day may have finally come.  I must admit that I always thought Zubie would be a Star ’til the very end.  Now…not so much. 

However, Sergei Zubov will always be a Dallas Star in my eyes, no matter what jersey he’s wearing.  Then, when the hockey world loses him for good, and he retires, Zubie’s going to the Hall and 56 is going to the rafters.

Thanks for everything, Zubie.  I’ll miss you.

Zubie...almost gone. :(

Zubie...almost gone. 😦


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