Why Brad Richards Won’t Go to the Rangers

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Brad Richards is my favorite player, and lately, there’s been a lot of talk about how the New York Rangers are trying to pry him away from us.  The Rangers are out of options for number-one center, and with Saku Koivu gone, there are really no great UFA centers remaining.  Richards fits the bill perfectly for what they’re looking for.  Brad can’t go, and not just because I’d be devastated.

I mean, what would the Rangers give in return for Brad?  Wade Redden? 

The Rangers would have to give up one bloated contract to take on Brad’s $7.8 million.  Redden makes $6.5 million, and I just don’t think he’s worth that much.  If we’re going to pay a large amount to someone, I’d rather it be Brad Richards than Wade Redden.  The fact of the matter is, Brad helps the Stars win.

Remember when he went down with injury this season?  His injury was when everything fell apart for us.  In a way, the injury helped the team because it showed everyone how valuable he is.  Brad Richards is a difference maker.  He’s part of our core.  Would anyone from the Rangers bring that to the table?

I don’t think Stars management really wants to trade him, either.  If Tom Hicks’ financial situation became an issue, trading Richy would make sense, but until that happens, he’ll proabably stick around.  He’s a big part of the team, and management knows that.  Brad Richards is the reason we have two great scoring lines.  Take him away, and the only guy you’ve got to center the line, besides Mike Modano, is Tom Wandell.  I like Wandell, but I have more faith in Brad.

Brad Richards is also a great playoff performer, hence his Conn Smythe in 2004.  He doesn’t choke come playoff-time, like a certain team in our division.  Brad can come up with the clutch goals.  After all, he does own the record for most game-winners in a single playoffs with seven.  Also, I think it was Brad Richards that made the Stars go so far in the 2008 playoffs.  We have a proven playoff player on our team, and it would be stupid to give him up.

And lastly, and most importantly, Brad Richards has a no-movement clause.  He waved it once to come to Dallas.  I don’t think he’d waive it again.  He’s found his place here, and it was a tough thing for him to be traded.  He probably doesn’t want to go through that ever again.  Now, Brad’s a good guy; he waived the no-movement clause in Tampa because one of the big three (Richy, Lecavalier, and St. Louis) had to go because of money problems, and Brad needed a change of scenery, so he decided to be the one to go.  Even Brad Richards isn’t nice enough to waive it again, especially to go to  New York. 

Last season, Brad Richards and Mike Ribeiro proved that they can carry this team as our center-men.  Who would want to mess that up?

Brad Richards can't go.  Ever.

Brad Richards can't go. Ever.


2 responses to “Why Brad Richards Won’t Go to the Rangers

  1. Preach it sista! And if money does become an issue, there are other big contracts that can go. It isn’t that the biggest highest paid player has to go. The most easily replaceable for less money player makes much more sense. And frankly, Dallas has a few of those…

  2. Yeah, I mean they could let go of Turco’s $5 million and I wouldn’t care too much.

    Besides, in two years when Brad’s contract expires, they could probably sign him for less.

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