I’d Rather Not Remember What Happened A Year Ago Today…

Well it’s the one-year anniversary of when our (former) co-GM’s, Brett “Ambassador of Fun” Hull and Les Jackson signed mega-loser, Sean Avery.  Nobody really wants to remember that he ever was a Star, so I kind of just want to forget about it.

Problem is, it’s hard to forget a sloppy-seconds comment like the one Avery said.  No one’s ever gonna forget that, as hard as we try.

The thing is, is that it never should have happened in the first place.  I know Hull was friendly with Avery, but he never should have signed a guy who doesn’t fit the definition of a Dallas Star.  This is a classy organization, and Avery is a classless player.  It doesn’t fit.  This franchise may be permanently scarred because of one stupid move.  It’s too bad it had to end up costing us the season.

So, look at it in a positive way: Sean Avery can always be a reminder that we all make mistakes.  Right? 🙂




One response to “I’d Rather Not Remember What Happened A Year Ago Today…

  1. I don’t really care about his tongue – in fact I think his snide remarks are about the only good thing he brought me as a Stars fans. Not knowing what he would say next was entertaining – then again I am a bit of an ass myself, we tend to respect each other.

    What I didn’t like – and the reason I wasn’t up in arms over the suspension – was that he brought nothing to the team positive and quite a few negatives. His skill was lost in our system, the locker room was in shambles upon his arrival (whether that’s a coincidence or not, is still up in the air), and he seemed to bring terrible luck to the franchise as we lost a slew of games at the start of the season, had a terrible camp before that and everyone felt the pain of the injuries we had. I mean someone broke a mirror right? When a guy breaks his wrist then in his first game back he breaks the hand on the opposite arm? Someone foul is at work – and being the mudslinger that I am, I blame Avery – or Bush on my good days.

    Either way it’s fun to think back and then look forward to a fresh season without many surprises. In fact a painfully boring off-season…

    Got rid of Avery, now if we could just get rid of that pesky Hicks and his money management skills.

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