Other Stars Picks

The Stars selected four more forwards in rounds 2-7:

Round 2, 38th Overall: Alex Chiasson

-There was no doubt in Chiasson’s mind that he was going to Dallas.  They were basically the only team he talked to.   It’s good to know that they got a guy they really wanted.   Keep in mind, that he’s conveniently a right wing.

Alex Chiasson, pronounced, "shay-sawn."

Alex Chiasson, pronounced, "shay-sawn."

Round 3, 69th Overall: Reilly Smith

-Once again, the Stars chose a right wing.  He’s speedy and Canadian.  That’s all I know.

Round 4: none

-This was part of the Brad Richards deal last year.

Round 5, 129th Overall: Tomas Vincour

-He’s yet another natural right wing, but people question his consistency and “soft-ness.”

Round 6, 159th Overall: Curtis McKenzie

-They switched it up a little and got a left wing.  He’s got a good attitude to make up for his scoring ability.

Round 7: none

-This was traded to San Jose for their sixth round pick next year.

A lot of these players look like they were chosen for having good attitudes and a lot of heart.  I really like the sound of that.  🙂


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