These Are the Faces of the Future

The first five, most likely.

The first five, most likely.

I’m not gonna lie, but I’m seriously hoping for a miracle so that Brayden Schenn could become a Star.  I really like that kid.   But as we all know, it’ll be John Tavares to the Islanders, Victor Hedman to the Lightning, Matt Duchene to the Avs, and then…I’m not exactly sure.  But it has to go that way; it’s perfect for all three teams.
The Islanders need a franchise guy, and they could get that in Tavares.  He’s easily the most skilled player in the draft, and the Islanders are lucky to have the chance to draft him.
Coming up: Why Hedman and Duchene are perfect for the Bolts and Avs respectively, and pre-draft rumor involving one Vinny Lecavalier.

At pick number two, Tampa Bay will pick Victor Hedman, the monstrous Swedish d-man.  Defense is the Bolts’ biggest weakness.  With Stamkos set to have a good long career, they need a defenseman to go with that. With the East, and especially the Southeast division full of scoring threats like Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Ilya Kovalchuk, and quite possibly Vinny Lecavalier, the Bolts need someone to shut them down. 

Speaking of ol’ Vinny, in case you haven’t heard, he’s supposedly headed to Montreal.  Which is just another reason to fear the East and draft a big d-man.

Done in Tampa?  I hope not, but it might happen. :(

Done in Tampa? I hope not, but it might happen. 😦


After Hedman, Matt Duchene’ll go to the Avalanche.  The Avs suck right now, that’s the nicest way of putting it.  They need a cheap offensive threat, and besides, someone’s gotta take over for Joe Sakic when he’s done.  Duchene will probably have a long career, and that’s good for Colorado.

As for the Stars, I’ve jumped on the Jordan Schroeder-bandwagon.  I’ll be crossing my fingers on Friday that we’ll take him.  He’s a right-handed shot, which we so desparately need.  Like bad.  We also need an American center to pass off Modano’s torch to.  Sure, Schroeder’s small, but so is Martin St. Louis, and look at how well he’s doing.  I think he’s the way to go.

Future Dallas Star...I hope.

Future Dallas Star...I hope.

So there’s my draft stuff. 😀


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