Give Crawford a Chance

Not many people like Marc Crawford as the new coach, including me, but I’m willing to give this guy a chance.  Tip was stubborn and unwilling to play his backup goalie.  Maybe Crawford is different in that sense.  Also, I’m not sure that Tippett knew how to use his time-out.  Maybe Crawford does.  I don’t think Nieuwendyk  liked Tippett’s “independent-ness” and he felt they needed a change.

Most of all, though, I think Tip was a little too “vanilla” for Nieuwy’s liking.  Tip constantly had that “deer-in-the-headlights” look, and focused primarily on defense.  Crawford is way more emotional, and he’ll get in someone’s face if he needs to.  I think Nieuwendyk wanted more exciting hockey to sell tickets for Hicks, and the “defense-first” approach isn’t that exciting.

Besides, remember how  people didn’t exactly accept Brad Richards when he first came, then he made a huge difference?  Maybe this Crawford move will be the same way. We have the talent to win a Cup, so maybe what we needed all along was a different coach.  In a year or so from now, if we’ve won the Cup, it was a good move.  If not, well…


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