About Me

@horse_ebooks this is going to fascinate and astonish you

Wazzup, I’m Steph, and I like hockey, a man in a suit, watching entire TV seasons in one day, and dumb Britpop bands.

Quick disclaimer: Sarcasm doesn’t always translate well over the Internet, so I’m sorry if I offend anyone. You’ve been warned.

I like gifs and @horse_ebooks a lot.

Jennifer Lawrence - Whatever.

The name of the blog is generic, but meaningful: I’ve been a Stars fan since the day I was born and I will follow them until the day I die. I’m a Stars fan for life. Cool? Cool.

I love meeting my fellow hockey fans, so don’t be afraid to comment or anything. I won’t bite your head off if I disagree or whatevs. I don’t hate the fan, I hate the team. You’re a hockey fan? Great! U r friend.

To be Twitter friends: http://twitter.com/randomchapstick

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas etc., email me: dallasstars4life@yahoo.com.

If you want to know anymore, just ask.

My favorite team. Ever. :)


One response to “About Me

  1. Totally awesome!
    Loui Eriksson is the best Star and I love hockey!!! Go Benn…… hes the fake master. Word of advice Avalanche, don’t pick a fight with Brendan Morrow.

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